“Premium Design Works has an incredible artistic vision!”
— Andrew McMasters, Jet City Improv
“Our website redesign by Premium Design Works is stellar!”
— John Calderon, Barbacoa
“Premium Design Works delivers time and time again!”
— Tamara Schüller, ReelWorld, Inc.
“Thanks to Premium Design Works, our new logo flat out R-O-C-K-S!”
— Mike Ockislong, American Jack Audio
“The work that Premium Design Works did was impressive!”
— Dave Coffey, Integrated Financial Technologies, Inc.
“Premium Design Works gave me innovative solutions!”
— Sally Bjornsen, Sally Bjornsen Represents

About Us

Premium Design Works is a small group in Seattle, Washington. We’ll take care of your Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Web Development needs for your business, organization or artistic endeavor via: logos, print and websites.

Blog: Create a FlexSlider Gallery Using Attachment Images in WordPress

Create a FlexSlider Gallery Using Attachment Images in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to automatically pull multiple image attachments from a WordPress posting and present them as a Flexslider gallery without needing to insert short-code or use a plugin? Yes? Me too!

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Blog: My Human Centered Design & Engineering Capstone Project

My Human-Centered Design & Engineering Capstone Project

Many of you may know that I decided to go back to school and get my Master’s Degree in HCDE from the University of Washington. For those of you who didn’t know… let me tell you, it’s been a long, but interesting and fulfilling journey.

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Blog: I Just Can’t Support You any Longer, Internet Explorer 8.


If you are viewing this page, there is a good chance that you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer that I just cannot try to support any longer.

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Blog: Convert a 960 Grid Website to a Responsive Design

Mike Sinkula's Personal Blog

To convert your pixel perfect 960 grid website to be a responsive design, you just need to write a little more CSS and use a bit of JavaScript to make your content and navigation display correctly for mobile devices.

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Blog: Is it Cheating to Use Stock Illustrations?

13th Grade

As a graphic design professional, I have always struggled with illustrating my own concepts. I had always been under the impression that any art work for any design that I put my name on had to be completely illustrated by me and me alone.

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