http://medicmag.ru/pab/formula-lizerginovoy-kisloti.html Mike Sinkula grew up in Southern California and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from California State University at Chico in 1993.

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enter site In February of 1994, Mike came to Seattle to work in its booming graphic design industry. He went on to work for a few years in the corporate sector of Seattle for such companies as Nintendo of America and Sierra On-line designing and producing artwork for “Nintendo Power” and “Interaction” Magazine.


http://theartofbeinghuman.org/pab/promedol-tramadol-otlichiya.html In 1997, Mike founded Premium Design Works to get away from the corporate industry and to find a path that suited his ideology. This allowed Mike to create logos for small business as well as design and produce print work for non-profit organizations, musicians and recording companies.

http://dekor-potolok.com.ua/bace/moskva-zakladka.html To compete in the new information-age industry, Mike found himself learning web design and development along the way as he designed websites for local software and net-casting companies in the late 1990s. In order to learn even more about the web design industry, Mike put Premium Design Works on temporary hold in the year 2000 to take a position as a User Interface designer with Drugstore.com.

http://bensongmay.net/good/magas-24.html By late 2001 Mike was offered a web design instructor position at Seattle Central Community College. He has found that teaching college level design and development courses has been a fulfilling asset to his life and that it has enabled him to keep his finger on the pulse of the web design and development industry while he continues to run Premium Design Works.

go to link In 2010, Mike decided to put Premium Design Works on hold yet again to take time to complete a Master’s Degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. During this time he was asked to teach a graduate level web development class within the department and also redesigned the department’s website. Upon graduation, he received the Graduate Award for Leadership and Excellence.

source link Now that Mike has completed his Master’s Degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering, He continues to teach Web Design & Development at Seattle Central Community College and the University of Washington and continues to create logos, produce print work, design and develop websites and conduct research for his clientele.