Since we know what makes us tick, we can take our ideology and put it into practice by defining a working process that works for us and our clients.


Discovery is the process that we use to clarify objectives, identify preferences, uncover potential marketing and business solutions, discuss goals, and analyze overall needs for a project. By interviewing you via our client survey and researching your market we will come to know who you are, who your competition is and where you sit in your market. This will allow us to create solid business objectives and market strategies that will work for you and your business.

Information Design

It comes as no surprise that every website is built on information. However, the information structure on which your website is built can make or break even the best of intentions. Analyzing data collected during the discovery phase of your project will help us to create a solid information architecture that your audience can easily understand, navigate and find the page of information that they are looking for.

Content Design

Knowing where your information will be placed in the overall structure of your website is a start, but it is definitely not the finish. If each page of your website follows the laws of user centered design principles your audience will be able to find what they are looking for easily. To do so the content design of each page needs to be carefully analyzed and designed so your audience will feel like it has been tailored to them.

Visual Design

The visual impact of your website needs to speak about who you are through color choices, typography and imaging. The principles of visual design state that these choices are not random. A well thought out and appropriate look and feel to your website will allow the user to feel comfortable while visiting your website much like you feel comfortable in your own home because of the interior decorating choices you have made.

Production & Development

A well produced and developed website takes into account the best coding practices. All of our websites are built to the guidelines as set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium. To guarantee quality assurance, we make sure that we thoroughly test all pages and applications to ensure functionality across multiple platforms and browsers.