Logo design is an intricate art form using typography, color and iconography to communicate the essence of your business in one simple visual statement. Since your logo is the first impression that people have of your company, it needs to effectively communicate the essence of your business upon first glance.

Integrated Financial Technologies

Integrated Financial Technologies »

Logo design for Integrated Financial Technologies, a Financial and Tax Services company for small businesses. View »

Workstation Technologies

Workstation Technologies »

Logo design for a computer peripheral company that makes monitors, printers keyboards and mice. View »

American Jack Audio

American Jack Audio »

Logo design for an independent Seattle recording studio that offers a big sound for a small price to local bands and vocal artist. View »

Queen Anne Mail & Dispatch

Queen Anne Mail & Dispatch »

Logo design for a small shipping company in the Queen Anne district advertised as the "biggest little shipper" in Seattle. View »

Undies & Outies Boutique

Undies & Outies Boutique »

Logo design for a trendy posh boutique located in the Queen Anne district of Seattle selling just about everything, from stamps and campy cards to designer shoes, street clothes and lingerie. View »

Ballard Mail & Dispatch

Ballard Mail & Dispatch »

Logo design for a small shipping and coffee company in the Ballard district of Seattle also known as “Sip & Ship” where you can come to ship anything and grab a latte and relax before you leave. View »

Big Red Designs

Big Red Designs »

Logo design for a small Seattle based clothing company that makes fleece hats and accessories to keep you warm during the snowboarding season. View »

World Webcast Network

World Webcast Network »

Logo design for an online broadcasting company streaming news and information around the world over the internet. View »

Opus 3

Opus 3 »

Logo re-design for a software company that creates computer aided drafting software applications for the architecture and engineering industry. View »

Swan & Son Clothing

Swan & Son Clothing »

Logo design for a locally owned clothing company in Chico, Ca. View »

Chico Art Center

Chico Art Center »

Logo design for a private educational art center and gallery in Chico, California. View »